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Munjal Mehta - The Guiding Light


Munjal Mehta is the founder of Tabla Talim Sanstha and a tabla maestro. He learnt the art of tabla from his Guru the legendary Ustad Hidayat Khan Saab. In the recent past, he also had the opportunity to learn from Ustad Rahman Khan Saab and Pandit Nandan Mehta.


Munjal Mehta -


  • Is the first Phd in Music (Tabla) in the state of Gujarat, India


  • Has received Gaurav Puraskar from Gujarat Government


  • Is an All India Radio approved and graded artist (B high)


  • Has authored two books "Tablavadan Prashikshan Part 1" and "Tablavadan Prashikshan Part 2" which are used in the state's educational curriculum for music(tabla). Originally published in gujarati and translated to english as well.

In a TV interview, Munjal Mehta shares his journey so far and his vision for Tabla Talim Sanstha

Munjal Mehta shares interesting tidbits and history tying tabla and RD Burman, during a radio interview

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